1300 Calorie Meal Plan


The 1300 calorie meal plan is your best option. People are becoming more health conscious. The media, through celebrity and ordinary people testimonies, is propagating healthy living and fitness. Health sectors have updated their scientific based reports and studies on health and wellness.

But truth be told, dietary plans are very exhausting, not mentioning frustrating for most. Most people find it hard to stick to a diet plan that limits their food intake and probably writes out their favorite comfort foods. With this kind of mentality to lose those pounds would be like using a pair of scissors to hack down a weed patch.

A lot of diet plans have already been popping out everywhere. However, it is best to find the right caloric meal plan that will best suit your needs. Set up a meeting with a nutritionist that can guide you to set up the realistic dietary meal plan for your needs.

The posted diets in the internet or magazines are generic and sometimes not very flexible to your personal needs. Dietary and wellness plans should not only be for physical fitness, but for mental and emotional well-being as well. At the end of the day, it is important to have a sound state of self which is not harassed by impossible meal plans or exercise regimens.

Dietary meal planning needs smart choices. Always be informed and updated with new studies. Also, be educated about your body and the things going around you. A consensus report posted on the International of Medicine of National academies webpage provided a breakdown of the body’s basic caloric requirements.

The macronutrients counter shows that 10-35% of calories should come from protein, 45-65% from carbohydrates and 20-35 % from fat. Also consider other factors such as gender, age and lifestyle. Nutritional needs of women will vary from that of men and vice versa. A man, biologically, is taller and weighs more than that of a woman.

This composition makes his caloric requirements higher. However, a man’s caloric needs in his 20′s will differ from those in his 40′s. Caloric requirements decrease as one grows older since the body burns calories slower.

This applies to women as well. Dietary plans prompt people to make certain lifestyle checks. People with sedentary lifestyles should have more control over their food intake. Without energy engaging activities, the body burns calories in a slower rate.

Build dietary plans on these basic information.

1300 Decisions For A Smart Choice

A 1300 calorie meal plan is very helpful for people who want to start changing dietary habits for losing weight or building healthier eating choices. 1300 calories a day can already deliver the body’s basic nutritional needs. Food choices become higher in vitamins and fiber content. This type of diet circles on vegetables and fruits such as carrots and tomatoes.

It also includes sugar-free and low-fat content foods to substitute those fatty and sugary options. It’s best to always check food labels to make fitting selections. Make sure to spread out the calories taken in throughout the day to prevent skipping meals. This type of practice is harmful to the body’s functions. Health is one of the best things young people should invest in.

It always starts with smart choices. Combine suitable exercise regimen and a diet plan such as a 1300 calorie meal plan to start the better life you have hoped for.