Low Carbohydrates


The low carbohydrates – high protein diet is used by many for its weight loss effects and decreasing intake of calories in the body.

There are a lot of varieties as to this type of diet and different alternatives to choose from. What one should keep in mind, is that this diet does not encourage totally eliminating carbohydrates from the diet as these are needed for energy especially in those who exercise regularly and who sweat a lot.

Choosing the right kinds of carbs and proteins are essential. Carbohydrates that are high in refined sugar should be eliminated as these provide you with little nutritional value and unwanted fats. These may include cakes, chocolates, and other forms of pastries. Fruits are healthier options which also give you the nutritional value you need. Try including whole wheat bread, pasta, potatoes, or brown rice instead.

Some people tend to overeat carbohydrates and end up digesting more than necessary. Limit yourself to at least 2 -3 servings per day.

You should know your GI or glycemic index which is a rating system in the effects of food on the body’s blood sugar level once digested. Potatoes with beans, fresh fruits, cereals, crackers and legumes are all examples of foods with a low GI. This is important, as it would help prevent cravings for sweet foods and unhealthy options such as ice cream and chocolate.

Low GI foods also control your hunger levels and keep them at a minimum.

High protein foods should also come from healthy sources as well. Lean red meat, chicken without the skin, soy products, fish, nuts, eggs, pumpkins, dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk are all examples of protein rich foods that are also low in fat. The reason why proteins should be taken in minus the fat is because studies have shown that fat increases the risk of heart disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

Low Carbohydrates

A good example of a low carbohydrate-high protein day plan may include, 2 whole eggs, a glass of milk for breakfast and a slice of whole wheat bread. A slice of lean meat for lunch such as a steak eaten with cottage cheese, and 1 cup of pasta and 2 slices of chicken without the skin for dinner. If you get hungry in between, nuts and crackers are good options or fruits can be good alternatives as well.

By following the recommended diet and by exercising regularly, one should expect a healthier, brighter self, with enough energy to face whatever the day has to offer.