Post Workout Supplements


A lot of people find the need to use post workout supplements in order to gain great benefits such as building muscle and strength, restoring tissue and burning fat.

Training hard requires a lot of strength, determination and long hours at the gym, in order to boost the results of your hard work, supplements are used.

In taking in supplements, you need to know which ones to take and the reasons for taking them. Studies show that whey protein leads to gaining greater muscles and tissue repair, therefore whey protein is one supplement that is commonly used. Liquid whey protein if preferable as this is easily digested.

It is also one of the most effective ways in losing fat, as the fat on your body will be replaced by muscle.

Since whey protein is easier to digest in comparison to carbohydrates, this helps you recover faster from your intensive training and it will replace muscle fuel at a faster pace. This is also preferred for it’s antioxidant effects.

Another post-workout supplement that you might want to consider would be, creatinine as this plays a vital role in energy metabolism, it also helps you lose fat because it increases your workload and energy use. Many of these supplements also contain a substance called glutathione which improves mental clarity and enhances energy levels at the same time.

On the other hand, some body builders prefer to not use post workout supplements due to the bulky bloating feeling they may get as side effects of such. Other side effects may include difficulty in sleeping, another disadvantage may be that the bodybuilder may get so engrossed in the supplements that he forgets to eat a normal protein-rich diet which may later on cause damage to the kidneys.

Post Workout Supplements

Like any other vitamin or medications, supplements may have both its advantages and disadvantages. However, these supplements were created to outweigh its disadvantages and provide the necessary requirements a person in training desperately needs. The rule of thumb in every workout diet program is that a proper healthy diet should never be substituted by supplements, rather the supplements are there to complement the exercise and diet.

Any trainer would also inform you that taking in supplements without training would get you nowhere.

What most people are unaware of though is that muscles aren’t built during the workout itself, rather it’s after the workout when the body is recovering from all the energy spent that the muscles begin to develop. Therefore, taking in post workout supplements are essential as they help speed up muscle growth after all the training you’ve been through.