The 500 Calorie Diet Plan


Our world today has turned into a superficial one. Image is very important on this modern age. The media sets the standard on what is beautiful and what is not.

Since our technology has become advanced, and has reached even into our own homes, it is very easy for us to get the latest update on trends, not just in fashion, but as well what as what is considered attractive in ones appearance. We have created the need within ourselves to try to look like the models and celebrities we see on TV, especially with our body image. This need has brought about the rise of different weight-loss methods.

This includes the 500 Calorie Diet Plan.

Each and every one of us require different amount of calories based on factors like weight, level of activity and your age. A typical individual on a diet needs about 2000 to 1,200 calories a day in order to sustain the functions of our body. The 500 Calorie Diet Plan, as the name speaks for itself, strictly follows food intake that would not go beyond 500 calories.

With the small serving of grub that you’re only allowed to consume with this diet, it therefore follows a strict diet plan which should only last for 40 days. If you’re interested to give this a try, here’s a guide that you can follow:


Instead of the usual heavy breakfast, a cup of skimmed milk and citrus fruits like oranges would be a good pick to jumpstart your day, as these are very low in calories.


This regimen leaves out all sorts of carbohydrate. You can start off with a bowl of soup made from vegetables. It is also important to couple this with vegetables that are filling such as broccoli, squash, cabbage and yams.

Since our bodies need protein, this diet gives room for meat such as steamed fish and chicken cooked in very minimal to no salt.


Meals that are excellent for dinner would be seafood like salmon and tuna, and baked veggies. They do not only make your tummy full, but they also satisfy. You may also munch on a fresh salad made from raw vegetables.

The 500 Calorie Diet Plan somehow guarantees drastic results in weight loss. Based on other people’s result, one can easily lose 3 – 5lbs a week if you stick to the diet. Come to think of it, it doesn’t really require you to shell out a sum of money to start it, and you are not obliged to stick to an exercise program.

The 500 Calorie Diet Plan

But of course, as to any weight-loss plan, there will always be a downside to everything. With only a limited amount of intake, expect to have a constant battle with hunger. This hunger can be managed by making sure that you eat a lot of vegetables, and to force yourself to stick to vegetables even when you’re taste palates tells you otherwise.

This diet plan also means saying goodbye to fun, for a while. This means you can’t eat out with friends and family.

It is very important to consult your doctor before you begin, as it goes with all kinds of diet.

As we all strive hard to get to our ideal body size, one should remember that beauty is skin deep. It’s not just about being pretty. Being beautiful is about having good health, a good disposition, and being hygienic.

It’s an entire package of yourself.